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Brittney is a celebrity hair stylist and a lead stylist at Studio 37 Salon. She is an Orange County native. Growing up in the hair and beauty industry with her mom as a hair stylist, she knew this is what she was meant to do. She has been doing hair for 13 years and within those 13 years has accomplished so much. Brittney has assisted world renowned hairstylists, built a successful clientele in the salon, worked in the entertanment industry doing many high profile and celebrity clients, and worked on numerous photoshoots, events, and fashion shows.


In addition to her Cosmetology license, she has taken numerous classes and is educated in wardrobe styling and makeup. 


Brittney's vision for her business is to build relationships while providing excellent customer service and making people feel beautiful and confident. She believes in hard work, kindess, and going out of her way to make her clients happy. 

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